460MW With the advent of Gas discoveries in the Krishna-Godavari (KG) Basin of A.P., the company has been conceived to generate power.


The company's motto is to create value by fulfilling its commitments to its customers, employees and the communities and societies, at large.


KONASEEMA GAS POWER LTD : 460 MW With the advent of Gas discoveries in the Krishna-Godavari (KG) Basin of A.P., the company has been conceived to generate power. In its constant endeavour to power the economy of the region and the nation at large, KONASEEMA GAS POWER LTD is born at the KONASEEMA Region in the vicinity of Natural Gas wells.

The largest natural gas based combined cycle power plant in the private sector at Ravulapalam, near Rajahmundry in the East Godavari district in A.P., is testimony to our efforts in a humble manner to bring this predominantly agricultural region to Industrial Map of India. 445 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (Phase-I) consists of two gas turbine generators from SIEMENS, A.G. Germany (model V94.2) with compatible triple pressure, natural circulation, heat recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), L&T make (CMI design) and a steam Turbine Generator of LMZ Russia make (type K-166-107) arranged in multi shaft configuration. The Gas turbines have the capability of firing liquid fuel as alternate fuel in exigencies. The Capital cost of the project is Rs. 2100 Crores.

The Company has a Power Purchase agreement (PPA) with AP TRANSCO for a period of 23 years, to purchase power at 85% plant load factor.

The Company's Commercial Operation Date (COD) for Combined Cycle is completed. APTRANSCO / APPCC / APDISCOMs and their associates have witnessed the same. They have reckoned the COD with effective from 30.06.2010 at 17.30 hrs.

820 MW Expansion Project

820 MW Expansion Project In anticipitation of Gas Finding by RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD., GUJRAT STATE PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD & ONGC prompted us to embark on an expansion of 820 MW power plant consisting of two combined cycle modules each of 410 MW capacity at the same location. Each module comprises of a Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generator & Steam Turbine Generator.

The Gas Turbines are of an advanced class from SIEMENS A.G. Germany Model V94.3A (SGT5-4000F), Steam Turbine Generators are being sourced from SIEMENS A.G Germany with HRSG, triple pressure, natural circulation with supplemental duct firing provision from ANSALDO.

All necessary approvals for setting up of expansion project are in place.

The implementation of the expansion project is put on hold till a clarity emerges on the Gas supply scenario and setting up of RLNG terminal in the east coast.